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What We Do

We at Oaktree Consulting take a holistic approach to what we do for small businesses who want be seen and heard by their customers. Marketing is more than just putting together a website, creating brochures and saturating your customers with advertisements. Rather, it is about offering valuable content with consistent messaging that your customers trust and appreciate. The brand loyalty our marketing programs are able to generate go far beyond traditional advertising, and, it’s easy to learn, carry out, and build organically.

To accomplish this, Oaktree offers website design, branding support and social media management services to our small business clients. Whether you are an individual, a start-up or an established business, Oaktree can help you elevate your brand and messaging through custom tailored programs that are affordable and suited for 21st century business needs.


In short, they are lean, flexible and affordable services that can react to your needs quickly and efficiently. This is opposed to the old way of doing things – big office spaces and big staffs, the costs of which get passed down to the customer. These high overhead companies filled with their uninspired staff deliver cookie-cutter solutions to clients that can afford to waste a lot of money.

Oaktree Consulting is a lean company that is proud to admit doesn’t have office space. It also doesn’t have a large staff, travel budgets or utilities bills. That is great for us, but even better for our customers -they don’t need to pay for it!


A brand creates a tone. An attitude. It is more than just a logo: it’s how customers are attracted to you and how your employees represent you and your company. It’s your identity.

Oaktree takes its years of business strategy experience and fuses it with creativity to transform your brand into a true business asset. Oaktree believes that great brands grab the attention of not only their customers, but even their employees.

We work closely with you first by listening and gaining a deep knowledge of you, your industry and the competitors you face.  We then craft high impact messaging to compliment the mission of your company. Powerful results are realized once these two components are married to each other.

Website Development

Oaktree has developed many successful and high quality websites that are not only visually impressive, but content rich, SEO optimized and responsive. They are built to grow in harmony with your business’ overall goals.

How connected are you? If social media is part of your current marketing efforts, it is vital that your website remains a resource that supports what you are saying elsewhere. Oaktree unifies your messaging and tone across any and all social media tools that make sense for your business.

More so, Oaktree offers training so that you are not dependent marketing firms for website editing and social media strategies. This is your business and your website, and we encourage and empower our clients to take charge of their marketing and branding efforts.

Content Generation

Oaktree Consulting is highly experienced in simple but effective content generation and social media campaigns

In truth, content generation isn’t easy. It requires time, attention and close attention to detail, all of which any business owner would rather invest in their sales or operations effort. However, it does not mean you need a full time social media manager.

Oaktree has helped dozens of companies by putting together low cost, high value campaigns that starts where it should; getting to know your business, your industry and your customers. The partnership this creates is both profound and ultimately successful.

Only after gaining deep knowledge of your business and the industry it operates in, various social media tools such as Twitter, YouTube, blogs and LinkedIn can be utilized to build content. The result is complimentary and harmonic content generation that drives customers to you.

Through our branding service, Oaktree offers strategic scheduling, targeted campaigns and high impact content creation that runs through  the social media programs that make sense for your business.

Project Management

Oaktree specializes in targeted, short term campaigns for our clients. Whether it be an actual event such as an industry conference, trade show, or other production, Oaktree brings years of experience to ensure that these campaigns offer as much value for you and your brand as possible. If you are going through a major company change such as re-branding or a product launch, we have the creative and strategic muscle to drive success and propel awareness.